How We Started

Valor Lettings was launched in 2023 off the back of the wild success of our parent company, Enfortitude, which provides exceptional investment opportunities for investors around the world.

It became clear that our investors were looking for a safe pair of hands for the day to day management of their investments and so Valor was born.

We take on outside landlords as well as our own in-house investors who are looking for one point of contact for their portfolios and a more holistic approach to property ownership that includes yearly reviews and access to Enfortitude investment services.

Valor Today

We specialise in providing a hands-off approach to letting and managing your properties, allowing you to enjoy the returns on your investment without the hassle.

We believe in full transparency and work on your behalf as if your property were our own. We strive to manage the needs of the two most crucial aspect of our business - the tenants and the landlord.

Our properties are all furnished and done up to an exceptional standard - both stylish and safe for tenants with a true emphasis on energy efficiency.

Exploring Investment Opportunities?

Share your preferences with us, and we'll expertly navigate you through the process. Benefit from our extensive experience in assisting clients with investments across the UK.